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Terra Mitica has helped old and young to dream this summer with some amazing shows.

Barbarossa returned from the Mediterranean with a "vengeance" and he did so in an artistic, bi-lingual show full of acrobatic stunts.  Humor, adventure and fun in the “Return of Barbarossa” in the Iberian section of the park.sueopandora

Younger children find that magic is limitless with “Pandora’s Dream”.  This new show takes place in Pandora’s Auditorium, in the Islands and captivates young and old with her magical dream.
The story chronicles the adventures of the young Pandora, a woman passionate about mythological beings who dreams of adventure and finding mermaids.

Her "obsession” gets her into trouble but she always comes out the other side unscathed thanks to the unconditional support of her friend Telemachus.

"Pandora's Dream" provides an important lesson for young and old, friendship. The dialogues of the show are interpreted both in Spanish and in English.  Bilingual education is great for children as they get used to the phonetics and learn the language quicker. The two actors in the show interact with the public creating feedback and dialogue, making it a unique experience.

In Rome, the show is called “Dreams”.  A new show featuring international artists from the Cirque du Soleil.   There are four numbers which recreate the various Mediterranean cultures represented in Terra Mitica:  the masculinity and bravery of the Roman soldiers, the enigmatic Egyptian world or the delicacy and youth of the Greek nymphs.

With Dreams, the Benidorm theme park has successfully achieved its dream to make the 3,000 daily spectators “fly” in the auditorium Circus Maximus in Rome.

The perfect end to a day in the park is completed with the “Revenge of Horus” an evening performance with acrobatic fights; fire juggling, eastern dance routines and aerial acrobats 15 meters up in the air.  More than 20 artists take part in this show which makes it something not to be missed.  horus

30,000 watts of sound, spotlights, and a water screens are some of the technical equipment required for the show which recreates the legend of Horus.  According to the legend Horus formed an army that joined forces with his followers the “Shemsu Hor” to avenge the death of his father Osiris, killed by his brother Seth.

When Seth becomes aware of Horus´plan, he decide decides to invoke the forces of fire and evil spirits to defeat his opponent.

Water and fire take centre stage again in “Queenwater” .  Thousand have enjoyed this show throughout the summer.  Set around the Egyptian Lake it is the perfect setting for the water and firework display that have filled the Benidorm sky at night.



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