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Today Saturday 17th of September a simulated rescue took place in Aqua Natura Benidorm.

Life guards from the Benidorm Water parkAqua Natura,  along with firemen from the emergency services in the province of Alicante participated in the rescue.rescue1

The “victim”, who was one of the “team”, was rescued from the wave pool in the park   The lifeguards swam to the “victim” and brought her safely to the edge of the pool where she was attended to by the medical team in the park, “stabilized” and prepared to be airlifted to hospital.   The helicopter pilot maintained the helicopter, a Bell 412 in the air over the site where the “victim” was located.  Two rescuers, carrying a stretcher and all the necessary equipment for the airlift, descended approximately 50 meters from the helicopter to the edge of the pool.  The “victim” was placed onto the stretcher and secured to avoid any further injuries and then hoisted up to the helicopter.  A fireman accompanied the “victim” during the ascent as protocol.   Once the stretcher and “victim” were safely on board the guide rope was released and the evacuation completed.


This exercise permits the public to see first hand the skill and knowledge of the firemen and those from the emergency services 112.


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