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Pandora, Telemachus, Horus, Osiris, Seth, Barbarossa ... Terra Mitica's shows are the stuff of legends, filled with famous names from the different cultures that are reflected in the theme park.  The shows have become an important feature in this first season of the park under the new management of the Aqualandia Group.dream

Five shows form the programme of entertainment in the park; one of them is exclusively pyrotechnic.  These shows bring music, acrobats and dance together and are performed in different areas of the park so that each show has a different backdrop that makes it unique.

Iberia hosts 'The Return of Barbarossa', the Berber pirate who operated in the Mediterranean has returned to Terra Mitica looking for his revenge.  In this show a repeat from previous years, more stunts, humour and adventure have been added along with a bi-lingual script, so no one misses out.

The English and Spanish language comes together again in “Pandora’s Dream” which is aimed at the younger audience.  This chronicles the adventures of Pandora, a passionate dreamer with a knack for getting into trouble.  The dual language script has an educational component allowing children to learn the phonetic sounds of the English language with ease.

This show takes place in the Islands and the audience participates with Pandora and her loyal friend Telemachus as they search for mermaids.

From the Islands to Rome where “Dreams” is performed.  This new show has a cast of international artists who have come from the Cirque du Soleil to Terra Mitica and perform in the Auditorium Circus Maximus.  This circus type show has four numbers.  Experience the courage of the soldiers who formed the Roman Empire, the most powerful, influential and feared empire.  Then follow the delicate young Greek nymphs or enter the mysterious world of Egypt and the Pharaohs.

Egypt and its culture is also represented in the 'Revenge of Horus’ with acrobats, jugglers, oriental dances and aerial acrobats 15 meters up in the air.  This evening show recreates the legend of the god Horus, who after the murder of his father (Osiris) at the hands of his brother Seth raised an army to avenge his death. To try to stop the revenge of Horus, Seth invokes the forces of fire in an attempt to defeat the evil spirits.

More than 20 artists are represented in this show, punctuated with powerful moving spotlights for the actors, dancers, there is even a water screen and 30,000 watts of sound.

Water and fire are also present in 'Queenwater' a unique show only for the summer season and the highlight of the Terra Mitica programme. The Lake of Egypt is the setting for this show with water, light and fireworks.

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