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As is the tradition, once the New Year has arrived, on the eve of the 5th of January the three wise men or the three Kings arrive from the Orient.   Melchor, Gaspar and Balthazar arrived in Benidorm loaded with gifts for the children who lined the streets and squares of the town centre to greet them.  Kilos and kilos of sweets accompanied them throughout the parade and over three thousand gifts were brought for the children who came to meet them.  Six bands and a spectacular fireworks display added extra atmosphere to the evening’s parade.

When the parade had finished and the town centre regained a sense of calm the three kings and their entourage delivered gifts to the children who had behaved well during the year, not forgetting to leave coal for those who had not been so well behaved.  It was an emotional night with all the children promising to be good for next year but the night was still young and the entertainment provided continued until the early hours bringing the traditional festive season that began on Christmas Eve 2010 to a close.


F.J. Villaplana.

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