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Mundomar the Theme park in Benidorm is celebrating the birth of three young Ring Tailed Lemurs.lemurs

The young pups were born during the night and since then their proud mothers, sisters Pili and Ani have watched their young closely.

Grandmother Lemur “Bella” has been helping her daughters with their pups. Bella is the Matriarch and leader of the troop of lemurs in Mundomar. Bella remains with her daughters showing them how to care for the young pups.

One of the Lemurs gave birth to two of the pups and according to staff from the park mothers and young are doing well.

Mundomar has a good track record breeding this species, last year for example four pups were born in the park. This is due to the special care taken with their diet and habitat which is as close to how it would be in the wild as possible.

The Vet at the Benidorm park is treating both mothers with calcium enriched water to aid them during lactation and has also increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in their diet.

Soon these young pups will be playing with the rest of the troop under the watchful eye of their mothers and Grandmother Bella.



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