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Celebrate Halloween in Terra Mitica Benidorm from the 5th of October until the 3rd of November.

The Benidorm Theme Park Terra Mitica,  gears up for Halloween with vampires, ghosts, skeletons, witches, zombies and special Halloween themed animation and shows.  Guaranteed to raise a few goosebumps!

Watch our for the scary Marquess riding around in her carriage looking for a NEW recently deceased husband or enjoy the two new themed shows Lilith Queen of the Vampires & The court of the Vampire Queen.

Enter  the Pyramid of Keops at your peril, or experience the sensations in the 5D cinema.  Special themed menus and a special evening show to round of the entertainment.  "Tom and the Professor" will fight to return the evil spirit they awoke back to the underworld along with its companions.  Join them in their quest every evening in the Egyptian Square.  Great fun for all the family.




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