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Terra Natura Benidorm opens a new footpath to bring you closer to the elephants and buffalo in the park.  

The aim of this new path in Terra Natura Benidorm, is to permit the public to have a better view of the animals and closer contact with them.  The path crosses the 15,000 square meters of the elephant enclosure and the 5,000 square meter enclosure containing the water buffalo and camels.

The installation is complemented with a lookout tower from where you have a unique perspective of the Benidorm Nature Park and the animals without altering or modifying their natural behaviour with the presence of human beings.

You can also appreciate the vast expanse of the elephant enclosure which is regarded as the largest pachyderm facility in Europe.

The construction of this path permits the visitor to walk a few meters away from the spectacular male Asian elephant and the rest of the herd and admire the buffalo and camels that roam the prairie.nuevocaminotn2

The mighty male elephant Luka and two female elephants are frequently moved to different areas of the enclosure so the entire herd can enjoy his company.

These individuals share their habitat with a group of “Blackbuck” antelope as both species interact well and share the same natural ecosystem in the wild.




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