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Saturday 25th September

19:00 hours.  Concentration in the Plaza Neptuno,

21:00 hours.  XVI Musical Competition.

Wednesday 29th September.

23:00 hours. Concentration in the Paseo Colon, Paseo de la Carretera, Martinez Alejos, Gambo, finishing in front of the Castle in the Plaza de la Hispanidad.

Thursday 30th of September.

22:00 hours .  Invasion of the village by the moors, on the Levante Beach in front of the Calle Valencia.  Concentration of the Christians and their camp in the Plaza de Torrecho by the Town Hall and concentration of the Moors who will advance on the Christian camp and ensuing battle.

Friday 1st Octuber.

Calling to arms  10:30 hours.   Knights of the Baron, Crusaders, Astures and Pirates with the Christian King.  Muslims, Tagarinos, Nazaries, Benidarhims and Tuareg, King of the Moors.

 11:30 hours.  The keys of the village are presented to the Christian King by the Mayor.

 18:00 hours The King of the moors and his troops intimidate the Christian troops,

 19:00 hours.  The Christian troops intimidate the Moorish troops.

 Saturday 2nd October.

10:00 hours.  Calling of the troops to arms.  Concentration in the Plaza Neptuno.

19:30 hours. Spectacular parade of the Moors and Christians through the main streets of the village.

Troops of Moors: Muslims, Tagarinos, Nazaries, Benidarhims, Tuareg ,king of the Moors.

Christian Troops: Cavaliers of the Baron, Crusaders, Astures and Pirates , Christian King.

 Sunday 3rd of Octuber.

12:00 hours.  The Parlement.  When this finishes at approximately 12:30 , there will be a floral offering to Saint James the Apostle.

19:30 hours. Parade through the streets with floats .


Note  The times listed are approximate starting times as are the streets named as the meeting points.  The Association of Moors and Christian reserve the right to alter the acts and times.



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