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Half way between Benidorm and Alfaz del Pi you can leap back in time to the Medieval era.  A time of knights, ladies, lances, challenges and above all honour.  The Castle “Count of Alfaz” transports you back to the middle ages with their medieval show located inside the Excalibur Complex.

Castle Count of Alfaz The show started just over 30 years ago and along with the rest of the installations is part of the Magic Costa Blanca hotel chain.   The idea came from Francisco Garcia, the President of the Magic Costa Blanca chain, explains Enrique Folgado, the manager of the Medieval Challenge.

Thirty years ago this type of show only existed in the United States and Mr Garcia thought that it would complement what was already on offer to the tourist sector in the Costa Blanca appealing to all nationalities and age groups.  This is demonstrated by the number of yearly visitors to the castle; approximately 40.000 people visit the castle, mainly during the summer season.

The castle covers 3,000 square metres and the Pit of Terror which is another part of the experience and only for those who are willing to confront their most terrifying nightmares, more that 400 square metres.

The Medieval Challenge offers a medieval banquet and show in which the visitor is an integral part of the experience taking part in games and near deadly challenges.

The visitor is not just a spectator but an active part of the show.  They are divided into opposing teams red and green on their arrival and take part in traditional games, sack races and the handkerchief game among others.

The count of Alfaz and his young wife are splendid hosts and greet each guest individually on arrival.  Guests are divided into two groups that in approximately one hour will meet face to face in a challenge performed by mounted knights armed with lances and other weapons from the era.

FOTO TEMPLARIOS ROJOS Y NEGROSA challenge in which the knights must demonstrate strength, honour and loyalty to the Count and the visitor must show his potential by winning points for his team.  All this leads to the final armed battle where defeat is never accepted by the loser who claims revenge, something that also happened in medieval times.

The show is performed right in front of the spectator, the staging, decoration inside the castle, costumes worn by the knights and the medieval banquet giving you the sensation of actually being there, centuries ago.   Those attending the banquet enjoy an excellent menu from the era comprising of soup, chicken, roasted pork ribs, and roast potatoes.  A menu which following strict medieval tradition must be eaten with your fingers!

When the banquet has finished and three of the six knights remain in the Count’s favour guests can either leave with the court jester, a hunchback with the knack of getting a laugh from the public, to the dark side of his owner’s property, the Pit of Terror, or make their way to the discotheque, also in the castle.

The Medieval challenge, its content and staging have changed a lot over the thirty years and so has the client, each one finding a fun way to spend their free time with friends or family at the Castle Conde de Alfaz.

Macu Esteve.

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