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Experts from Terra Natura the animal and nature park in Benidorm have confirmed that two of the sea lions from the park are expecting.

An ultra sound has been carried out on both females which confirmed the pregnancies. For Lola it is is her first but for Eva this will be her fourth successful

To familiarise the females with the ultrasound equipment, staff from the park allowed the sea lions to play with and examine the scanner. When the time came for them to be examined both responded well and allowed the vet to carry out the examination. Veterinarian Patricia Gene provided the special scanner need to examine animals of this size.

 Clearly seen on Lola's ultrasound was the amniotic fluid, placenta and the foetus. In Eva's case the view was much clearer and the vet was able to see the bones, ribs and spine of the foetus. Experts are providing vitamins and have devised a special diet for both females during this time.

Sea Lions have a gestation period of eleven months, so it is estimated that the offspring will be born late June or early July. The births could take place during the day or night so during the last days of their pregnancy, Lola and Eva will be moved to a dry enclosure to ensure the young pups don’t drown.

Once the pups are born, they will spend eight to ten months breast feeding until they are weaned. They will also an extra food supplement via bottle which will include vitamins, lactose free milk cod liver oil, and liquidized herrings and be monitored continually.

Currently, the park has five female and five male sea lions. Sea lions have the ability to sleep in water and a great sense of balance.

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