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David Climent is the new manager of the Benidorm Circus, after taking over the reins from his father, Vicente, who aimed  to change our attitude towards the circus and make it more attractive to the public.   The young impresario is also the Ring Master in the show, which every Sunday surprises and delights the public, many of whom repeat their visit to enjoy this innovative circus.

The project which is part of the Benidorm Palace has been open for some time and they plan to expand and perform outside the Valencian Community.  Prices are affordable at 16€ for adults and 8€ for children, and a fun filled afternoon for all the family guaranteed.

David what gave you the idea to create a permanent circus in Benidorm?

Well it all started about three years ago, my father Vicente Climent and Tony Tonito, a well known international clown, were toying with the idea to create a show which would serve as a trampoline to launch other shows.

How did you start working in the Circus?

I ´m  bi lingual, so I have played the role of Ring Master in the circus from the beginning but I also helped out managing and preparing the show.  My responsibilities gradually increased and today apart from the Ring Master duties I also perform on a small trampoline and am in charge of the show, rehearsals, publicity, and now my father has officially handed over the keys to me  -  it’s  my job to close the circus!

How many people are there performing in the Circus?

At the moment there are more than 50 counting the musicians, dancers, jugglers etc...davidcliment

There are seven different nationalities, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Russian, Ukraine and Polish.

Describe the installations and what the public will see when they visit the circus?

We have tried to change the perception that people have of the circus and probably the most important thing is that there are no animals.  We have based the idea on the Cirque de Soleil but obviously within our capabilities.  The circus over the years has got a bad reputation, we would like to change that so our Big Top is permanent,  it is acclimatized  with professional sound and lighting and has live music, something that only three other circuses have in the whole of  Spain..  You could say we are a red carpet circus - more elegant.

How does a circus gain the right to become permanent?


You need a permit from the Town Hall who sends an official to inspect the installations.  We were lucky in this aspect as the circus is situated in the grounds of the Benidorm Palace and that the project is part of the Palace.  This also means that many of the artists and musicians that perform in the Circus also perform in the palace.

How do you plan to manage the circus?

I would like to make the show dynamic and modern, then project it not only in Benidorm but in the whole region as there is no other show like it in the area.

Four months ago we joined the Asociacion de Circos de Autor, an association that looks for original creations and quality circuses and differentiates them from the others.

What qualities are needed to work in the “Circus World”?

The gift of Ad Lib or improvisation. is invaluable at certain times  in this type of show but passion and teamwork are also import especially when working with a large number of people.  We are like a big family and because of this have to work closely with each other to ensure that the show and performances go well.

What does this circus have that others don’t?

The show.  It is a mix between innovation and tradition.  We have tried to capture the essence of the Cirque de Soleil but not forgetting to include clowns who are very important to us.  The best way to describe it is FUN, we surprise the public.

What would you say to those who suggest that the circus is only for children?

 Benidorm is known for tourism which brings clients all year round.  The artists performing in the Circus are all professionals.  Tony Tonito for example won the National Circus Prize in 2005 and plays and important part in the show.  There are also ex Olympic athletes, gymnasts and trampolinists and the well know Artistic Director David Moore who has worked in some of the most prestigious night clubs in the world.  I recommend a visit to the Benidorm Circus, the mix of all these ingredients will leave you amazed and no one indifferent.

What projects do you have for the short and long term?

We would like to open a professional circus school to train and teach this profession.  We would also like to open a school for scenery and theatrical decoration and we are also discussing the possibility of holding an International Circus Festival like those held in Albacete or Palamos.

If the show continues to be successful over the next few years we would like to go further than the Valencian Community and show others what we are doing here.


Leticia Murillo.

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