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The prairie dogs residing in Mundomar Benidorm go into hibernation.   With the drop in temperatures the animals take refuge in their burrows to shelter from the cold and rain.
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Visitors to Mundomar will have to wait for the spring and the warmer temperatures to return to be able to see the (genus Cynomys) or prairie dogs.


These burrowing rodents are native to North America and live in semi –arid areas in meadows where they perform authentic underground works of engineering.  The dogs, (so called because they emit sounds similar to a barking dog), dig long tunnels to connect the different burrows they use for shelter during the winter months.  They are very social animals that live in large groups under a strict social hierarchy.

These animals are four legged but it is common to see them in an upright position which they adopt to watch the other member of their colony when alerted to any threat or danger.

The prairie dogs residing in Mundomar have taken refuge in their burrows to await the return of the warm weather.  Only then will these cheerful rodents scamper out into the sun under the watchful eye of the Mundomar visitors.   If we are lucky we may see a few new members among their ranks in the spring!


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