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Benidorm Carnival 18th - 21st February  2012.


Ssturday 18th February

Childrens Carnival

To participate , enter your name between 10:00 -10:45  at the stand located at the Junction between the Calle Gambo  and the Calle  Martines Alejos

Parade starts at  11:00 and will take the following route.   C/ Gambo, C/ Puente , Plaza SSMM Los Reyes de España.

There will be children's activities in the  Plaza SSMM Los Reyes de España with inflatable bouncy castles and animation by   'Ronald McDonald'

Snacks courtesy of the Association of Peñas Virgen del Sufragio and McDonalds

Bar  with reasonable prices and hotplate for hot bocadillos.

Adult Carnival

To enter register at the Casa del Fester in the Calle La Bifa number  3 up until Thursday 16th of February or on the day of the parade from  20:30 - 21:00 hours.

Meeting point Calle Marte & Calle Venus 21:00 hours.

Parade starts at  21:30 and will take the following route.  Calle Marte, C/ Ruzafa, , C/ Herrerias y Plaza SSMM Los Reyes de España.

Dinner with all the participants .

Live music from the Orquesta Vulkano

Firework Display.

Bar  with reasonable prices and hot plate for hot bocadillos.


Tuesday 21st February  The burial of the Sardine.

Meeting point in the Plaza Mayor at 21:00 hours to see off our beloved sardine.

The funeral procession will start at 21:30 and will take the following route.      Calle  Tomas Ortuño (1st stop at the Calle Las Escuelas before our procession continues), C/ Ruzafa (2nd stop at the Calle Rioja), Paseo de la Carretera, (3rd stop  La Palmera), Paseo de Colon &  Playa de Poniente where we will incinerate our sardine will all the deserved honours under the firework display.

We will finish our grieving in the Living Room ( previously known as Franky's in the Calle La Palma) with drinks and music courtesy of  DJ Kubaleta,.  Don't miss it.

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