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Terra Natura Zoo in Benidorm has tried a new fertility technique on Bala one of its resident Asian Lions.

8 year old Bala and his mate 10 year old Jasdom have been together since 2007 but have failed to reproduce.

This new innovative technique, which is less traumatic for the animal was carried out by vets at the Benidorm park, it is also the first time that this fertility test has been performed on a lion in Spain.

Under anaesthetic the vets cauterised the urethra to obtain a semen sample.  In doing so they were able to collect a sample which was sent to the Veterinary University in Murcia for testing.  There they will test the sperm count,  volume, concentration, motility and look for any abnormalities.

Results should be back in one week and based on the results, staff will decide whether it is necessary to test the female, Jasdom.   If both felines are healthy, they made need a little extra help to conceive.


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27th November 2013.

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