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Aqua Natura develops a pilot scheme to enable the disabled to dive with sea lions.

Sea lions from the Aqua Natura Water Park in Benidorm took part in a pilot scheme to enable people with disabilities to scuba dive. ASMIBE members (The Association of Disabled in Benidorm) and Doble Amor both participated yesterday afternoon in the first dive,  which has been designed to bring the world of diving to the disabled community and to enable them to interact with the marine animals.buceoadaptado2

After putting on a wetsuit and learning the basics techniques, the participants were immersed in the aquarium water. Each participant was accompanied by two specialized monitors from the Diving Stones Centre in Benidorm.  Due to their disabilities both mental and physical, the number participating in the dive was small and the number of staff monitoring the activity was increased.

Apart from the control and monitoring of the divers, the group was also aided by six other monitors and a psychologist. The standard diving techniques were adapted to the needs of each of the individuals depending on the degree of their disability.


The initiative aims to encourage this interaction as it provides emotional benefits for the disabled person.  The nonverbal communication generated, produces therapeutic benefits which stimulates the central nervous system and in some cases it may be useful for the treatment of depression. Through contact with these animals the person’s self –esteem and confidence is increased.


If you would like to take part in this activity you can do so making by making a reservation in advance.

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