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Vets at the animal nature park Terra Natura in Benidorm took a dhole for a CT scan at the local Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital in L’ Alfas del Pi.

  Staff had detected that one of the dholes was unable to move its hind legs and immediately isolated the animal until an anaesthetic could be administered allowing them to examine him more closely. 

The dhole or cuon alpinus, is a species of wild dog native to Central and Southeast Asia.   It is listed as an endangered animal by the International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN.  It is estimated that there are currently only 2,500 adults in existence.

The six year old male,  born at the Benidorm Park was,  after a preliminary examination by vets, transferred to the veterinary hospital for a scan.  There a small lesion to the spinal cord was detected which could cause paralysis.

Treatment was started immediately and it is hoped that he will recover full mobility.

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