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Following the success of the previous editions Low Cost Festival 2011 will be held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of July in the Sports City Guillermo Amor (Benidorm).

Entrance tickets are on sale with or without accommodation, for those who are looking forward to enjoying another year at the festival.

Last year the festival was held in the Aigüera Park in Benidorm where 43 different bands performed on three stages set up in various areas of the park and it has quickly become an important event on the national Indie Rock Scene.   This year the festival has another strong line up of national and international artists to please everyone.lowcost

The Guillermo Amor Sports City where this year’s event will be held, is an open air sports centre near the town, with good access, plenty of open spaces, seating areas, shaded grassy areas and a wide range of activities.  There will be Information areas , to provide the estimated 15,000 people expected to attend the festival per day over the three day period with information about the all the leisure options available in Benidorm, affordable restaurants etc.

The festival organisers have stated that “the sports area in Benidorm is designed so that festival-goers can enjoy the recreation areas, restaurants and all the surprises planned for this edition.  Our goal is to offer quality music along with aaccommodation, leisure activities and tourism. We hope the event will be enjoyed by all.

Last year the public not only enjoyed the concerts scheduled but they also rediscovered Benidorm with all its charm, its atmosphere, avant-garde architecture and nostalgia for the golden age of tourism in the Levante area”.

This year’s edition will have improvements for both residents and the fans of the Low Cost Festival who are known as “Lowers”.  The festival will run for three days instead of the previous two days and will have more than 50 bands performing; the programme will try to avoid overlapping of performances so no one misses out.

Benidorm has more than 70.000 hotel beds and quality camp sites at unbeatable prices and Low Cost is collaborating with one of the most important Tour Operators in Europe so that tickets and accommodation are available at a reasonable and affordable price.  You can make your reservations through the festival web site

The following bands have already confirmed that they will perform at this year’s event:-

Love of lesbian, Dei Suoni, Guadalupe PlataFanfarloErol AlkanLügerMando DiaoKlaxons, FangoriaVetusta MorlaCatPeople, Sidonie, The BrightSexy Sadie, Eric Fuentes, Stay, Gratis!, Sex Museum, Vinila Von Bismark & The Lucky DadosFuzzy White Casters, After after hours, Loo & PlacidoCut CopyLos Tiki PhantomsL.A.Lori MeyersCrystal Castles, Steve Aoki, Ok GoGooseDorian, Standstill,   Maika MakovskiSupersubmarina,   Maga, Dos Bandas y un Destino y Atom Rhumba.

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