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Flyboard in Benidorm, Altea & Denia


Try out the latest craze, the Flyboard, the ultimate in Flying Water Sports and Extreme Sports. 

The flyboard is a board attached to your feet then connected to a jet ski.  Water is propelled from the jet ski intake into the hose which is connected to the flyboard.   There are two jets under the board which provide 90% of the propulsion.  The jets on the hands are used to maintain balance rather like a ski pole.flyboard

The flyboard operater on the jet ski, controls the speed and direction, while the rider uses his body weight to balance the board up, down, right and left.  The board permits you to dive under the water like a dolpin then fly,  propelled into the air like a bird.

No previous experience is needed, just balance.  An incredible experience! Mininum age limit 16 years. 

You can book the Flyboard direct from our office Benidorm Excursions - Excursiones Benidorm in the Calle Gerona 48, 03503.


Boat Hire in Benidorm - no licence needed.


You now have the chance to rent a boat in Benidorm and navigate it yourself with no qualifications or licence needed!


The Dipol 400 Cala “Princess” is a small rigid boat with a 15 c.v Honda BF – 30 LRT engine.  With a capacity for 5 passengers the Princess costs 75€*  per hour to rent, which works out at 15€ per person when sharing among 5 passengers.  The rigid boat is very stable, comes equipped with a sun roof and is easy to navigate.   Perfect to spend a few hours at sea in the company of friends to swim in the open sea, or just for hire in benidorm

Benidorm Marine, also offer larger more powerful boats and yachts that require the necessary boat licence to rent;  such as the “Rocio II”,  a Jeanneau Leader 805 with a capacity for 9 passengers.  It comes fully equipped with a marine bathroom, kitchen, fridge, a double bed and a convertible sofa in the saloon. 

The “El Enzo Beau” is a Mariah 19x with a capacity for 9 passengers and is perfect for practising water sports, the company will even add a wakeboard if you wish.

The Fox II is a spectacular 2 mast, luxury yacht, 23 metres in length which is available for celebrations and business functions.  The luxury yacht has all the commodities of a hotel so you can lunch or dine on board, for an unforgettable experience.

Prices depend on high or low season and the hire period can be for half a day, a full day, a week or just a weekend.  

The company also offer private excursions around Benidorm’s beautiful beaches and the Benidorm Island at a cost of 30€* per person for a 2 hour excursion.  boats for hire in benidorm rocio ii

Alternatively visit the Cove of Tio Ximo and the Sierra Helada Nature reserve on a four hour excursion for 40€* per person, ideal if you enjoy snorkelling.

Or marvel at the coastal views of Altea and Villajoyosa on an 8 hour excursion, which costs 60€* per person.

For further information consult (web site in Spanish only) or telephone  + 00 34 722 48 28 28, + 00 34 96 680 43 44 or + 00 34 664 115 790.

*Prices are for the 2013 season and are correct as of going to press.



Visit Terra Natura , one of Benidorm five theme parks, and see how family diversity occurs in the animal kingdom as well as among humans.


Proof of this can be seen by watching the behaviour and parenting roles of the different species of birds living in the park.

In the aviary there are two Maguari Stork (Ciconia Maguari) that have formed a non conventional family unit. Despite the fact that both birds are female, only one of them regularly lays unfertilised eggs. The other female has taken on the role of the male stork by watching over the nest. This behaviour is only observed in this species and is not common among the european stork.maguaristorks

In the case of the Blue and Gold Macaw (ara ararauna) the males proudly show off their parenting skills feeding their female mates while they are incubating the eggs in the nest. The males forage for food and feed the females "beak to beak" so she can dedicate all her time exclusively to hatching the eggs.

In contrast the Mallard, is a very independant duck, taking care of her ducklings alone even though she may have 27 eggs in her nest at one time. The differing roles can be fully appreciated at this time of year, spring time is when the birds nest and we can observe any unusual conduct and behaviour.

Staff at Terra Natura Benidorm calculate that there are approximately 100 eggs in nests around the park at this time.  There are 310 birds from 64 different species in the park, the majority of which are housed in the aviary, some of them from species in danger of extinction.


Book your tickets here.




Aqua Natura Water Park in Benidorm


Here comes the summer and with it the soaring temperatures!  If you are looking for somewhere to combat the heat with the family, how about one of the water parks in Benidorm. 

Aqua Natura is one of two water parks in Benidorm and is ideal for all the family with fresh water, great views and shallow areas for the children to play freely under the watchful eye of Mum and Dad.aquanaturabenidorm2

Children will be kept occupied in the Children’s play area and with the water slides, water chutes, puppet shows, Aqua Gym and Sea Lion show, the rest of the family can relax and enjoy a Mojito or an iced Coffee.

Aqua Natura is the sister park to Terra Natura, the wild life park and is set in 40,000 square meters which have been designed to provide a good visual field so that parents can keep an eye on the kids while relaxing. 

There are five areas, the wave pool, water chutes, children’s pool and the Lighthouse area with spa and sun terrace.

Aqua Natura opens daily from the end of May to middle of September with reasonable prices.

Tickets are sold individually or combined.  The combined ticket allows entrance to both parks on separate days.  Get up close and personal with the animals in Terra Natura one day  then chill out at Aqua Natura another day.aquanaturabenidorm3

Tickets are on sale from April from this web site with a discount. 


Benidorm Excursions

Benidorm May 2013

Hotels in Benidorm - All inclusive to Adults only.

Benidorm Hotels from 5 Star to All inclusive and Adults only - Something for everyone!


Benidorm has something to offer for everyone, whatever type of holiday you are looking for; family, sporting, adventure, LGTB, relaxing or a singles holiday.

Its spectacular beaches and clear water have earned it many Blue Flags as well as the leisure activities on offer in the resort. There are two water parks, Aqualandia and Aqua Natura, two animal parks Mundomar and Terra Natura as well as Terra Mitica. The Benidorm Palace provides the glamour with spectacular shows which are changed every year so repeat clients can see a different show each year.hotel-sandos-monaco-benidorm

Tourism demands are constantly changing and Benidorm updates itself and changes with the trends to enable it to supply the holiday of your choice.

Benidorm as a resort is not new, people have been visiting Benidorm since the 1800s when it was a spa & health resort. The very first hotel, the Hotel Bilbaino was built in 1929 on the Levante Beach and full board at that time cost just 8 pesetas. The first Tour Operators arrived in the 1950's and brought passengers from Valencia airport to Benidorm as Alicante airport did not open until 1967.

The Hotel Colon first opened its doors in the 1961 and has now celebrated 52 years is testiment to how tourism then was vastly different to today. At that time there was approximately 15 hotels in Benidorm, kitchen staff used coal or firewood to cook meals and all linen was hand washed!

Today the resort has approximately 40,000 hotel rooms, 20,000 apartment beds and 11 camp sites throughout the city. There are three 5 star hotels, thirty two 4 star hotels, seventy four 3 star hotels, fifty three 2 star hotels and twelve 1 star hotels. The last hotel to be built was the 5 star Barcelo Asia Gardens with a Thai spa and beautiful Asian pools and tropical gardens.

The latest trends for All inclusive and Adult Only hotels are represented. The Adult Only hotels offer couples and families the chance to relax and unwind with all guests being over the age of 15/16. The Hotel Levante Beach Club & Spa, Sandos Monaco Beach Club & Spa and the Hotel CostaBlanca (which is located in a prime position right on the Levante Beach) are all Adult Only hotels.hotelsolcostablanca

Some hotels such as the Hotel Teremar, Hotel Diplomatic and the Hotel Tanit admit pets, so you can bring the family pet along for the holiday too.

Benidorm is also a popular Gay tourist destination and there is over 32 different bars, restuarants, clubs, cafeteria in the old town as well as a small hotel.

So whether you are bringing your racing bike over to train in our fabulous climate or looking to burn the night oil in the discotheques you will find something to suit your tastes.


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