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It is one of the largest water parks in the world and the first to be installed in Spain, a total of 150,000 m² dedicated to leisure and fun with more than half a million visitors each year.  We are of course talking about Aqualandia in Benidorm.  It was May 1985 when Aqualandia first opened its gates to the public, so when it opens for the new season this year it will be celebrating its 25th anniversary.Toboganes2

With the economic crisis in everyone’s minds it is running an “anti crisis” campaign for pensioners and those on lower incomes, giving them special prices so no one misses out on a fun filled day with the family, and passes for the whole season for those who will be visiting the park on more than one occasion.

After 25 years it has become a must for visitors and residents alike, the Black Hole or Kamikaze are names immediately associated with Aqualandia but it is also famous for having the tallest water slide in Europe only recommended for thrill seekers that have no fear.

Apart from the water slides, there are 6 in total; the park offers areas for relaxing after the adrenalin rush.  Areas such as the Niagara, Amazons, Atlantic Surf and the Jacuzzis and there is also an area exclusively for children which includes smaller versions of the slides. The Rapids and the Laguna are areas characterised by the use of the yellow doughnut rings and all these attractions are complemented by the restaurant and picnic areas in the park.

Aqualandia Big BangAqualandia offers its visitors new experience for example the possibility to swim with sea lions.  Animals are the stars of its neighbouring park Mundomar which is a perfect way to end your day after soaking in the waters of AqualandiaSea lions, parrots and other exotic birds, owls, flamingos, the friendly lemurs, comical penguins, dolphins and turtles reside together in Mundomar along with the squirrel monkey, a species of small monkey, that lives in groups and excels in hunting.  Your visit to Mundomar would not just include admiring the animals, there are various live shows performed in the park featuring parrots, dolphins and sea lions.

Mundomar opens all year round and in the winter season receives visits from school children hungry to learn about the different species and their habits.  These visits are organised jointly by the education department at the park and the attending schools, during the last school year 20.000 pupils visited Mundomar from different areas in the province of Alicante.


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