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Two ancient legends at Terra Natura.The wheel of death

This spring the South American legend of Quetzacoal and the Asian Myth of Gophal are included in the new programme at Terra Natura, the animal and nature park in Benidorm .  The shows which will be performed until September have been well received by the visiting public during Easter.


The first show is based on the story of Prince Ghopal who yearned to fly like the Halcons.  A performer steps into a wheel which turns as he walks inside it.  This attraction is sometimes called the Wheel of Death and is unique in Spain.


The entertaining programme then represents the legend of Quetzacoal.  This legend tells the story of the Aztec God Hiuchipol and his mother Tightrope artiststhe Goddess Cocatue.  A group of tightrope artists perform high above the crowd, testing their agility, balance and concentration.  The legend they have chosen to represent for this act, relates the story of the God Huichipol´s two brothers who are transformed into exotic birds as punishment for their bad behaviour.  In Aztec mythology, this transformation is justified by the fact that some exotic birds can talk like people.

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