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These beautiful forest dwelling Asian parrots are listed as vulnerable and in danger of extinction, as a direct result of the loss of their natural habitat and from human exploitation for the pet or caged bird trade.  This is the most popular bird exported from Indonesia and is prized because of its ability to mimic human words and environmental sounds.loromundomar

The Garrulus Lorius live in pairs, feed on nectar, pollen, fruit and flowers and have beautiful vivid red coloured plumage.   If conditions are suitable the pair can breed year round and generally produce two eggs per nest with the incubation period being approximately 26 days.  These intelligent parrots love to bathe in water or under a sprinkler and physical and mental activity should be encouraged as this may be beneficial to a healthy breeding pair.

In Mundomar these intelligent birds have the perfect environment to reproduce and to integrate with more than 80 different species that form part of Mundomar Benidorm.


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