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Visit Terra Natura , one of Benidorm five theme parks, and see how family diversity occurs in the animal kingdom as well as among humans.

Proof of this can be seen by watching the behaviour and parenting roles of the different species of birds living in the park.


In the aviary there are two Maguari Stork (Ciconia Maguari) that have formed a non conventional family unit. Despite the fact that both birds are female, only one of them regularly lays unfertilised eggs. The other female has taken on the role of the male stork by watching over the nest. This behaviour is only observed in this species and is not common among the european stork.maguaristorks

In the case of the Blue and Gold Macaw (ara ararauna) the males proudly show off their parenting skills feeding their female mates while they are incubating the eggs in the nest. The males forage for food and feed the females "beak to beak" so she can dedicate all her time exclusively to hatching the eggs.

In contrast the Mallard, is a very independant duck, taking care of her ducklings alone even though she may have 27 eggs in her nest at one time. The differing roles can be fully appreciated at this time of year, spring time is when the birds nest and we can observe any unusual conduct and behaviour.

Staff at Terra Natura Benidorm calculate that there are approximately 100 eggs in nests around the park at this time.  There are 310 birds from 64 different species in the park, the majority of which are housed in the aviary, some of them from species in danger of extinction.


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