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The Terra Natura Theme Park in Benidorm has two new additions to their family.  

A pair of Mangshan Vipers, also known as Mount Mang Pit Viper , Mangshan Iron-head Snake , Mangshan Viper , Mangshan Pitviper .  This pair is currently the only pair in a Spanish Zoo.

One of the most beautiful poisonous snakes in the world, they only inhabit the Mang Mountain in China and are a species in danger of extinction.  They are also in demand in the illegal pet trade due to their green eyes and vivid, colourful scales.  This viper camouflages itself easily in the green moss and like cobras, it spits venom.mangshanviper

This snake earned the nickname of the "Panda Viper" as there are currently more pandas in the wild than this species of snake.

An egg laying snake, the female can lay between 8 and 18 eggs which are buried until hatching.  The young vipers have luminous emerald green eyes which darken as they mature.

Venomous snake experts at the park have the pair in cuarentine until they have adapted to their new environment. 

Visitors to the Benidorm Nature Park will be able to admire the beauty of this exclusive pair of vipers. 

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